Emergency Supply Bench

Neighbour Lab and Shift Collaborative’s Building Resilient Neighbourhoods initiative are teaming together to design and implement a shared Emergency Supply Bench. The bench’s purpose is to foster resilience between neighbours on the block of Leonard Street and beyond. The ‘L’ shape of the bench allows multiple neighbours to sit comfortably and converse or simply sit back and enjoy the neighbourhood. The bench is built primarily of wood to match neighbourhood aesthetics and to ensure replicability.

The bench is designed with an internal compartment to store essential supplies for the neighbourhood, such as a radio and water filters, in case the city’s infrastructure is compromised. In addition to acting as a shared emergency kit, the bench provides neighbours with power outlets and a community bulletin board. The cell phone charging station is powered by a solar panel situated on the awning above the bench. Two outlets are available for year-round use, inviting neighbours to spend time at the bench and read about local news and events on the bulletin board. Through engaging visuals, such as educational messaging, the bench aims to educate neighbours on the implications of a natural disaster and prompt everyone to create plans with their families, including storing an emergency kit at home.

We hope that other neighbourhoods will see the Emergency Supply Bench as a testament to our goal of fostering resilient communities and become inspired to build their own.


Here are some renders of the project. Our goal is to install the bench in the new Year.

Bench Back.png
Bench Front.png

If your neighbourhood is interested in an emergency supply bench of their own, feel free to contact us!