Resilience walks

Neighbour Lab’s Resilience Walks are neighbourhood-specific walking tours that raise awareness about local community threats, share information about existing initiatives, and generate conversations about neighbourhood preparedness while providing an opportunity for neighbours to meet. Their goal is to build resilience by fostering connections among residents and between organizations and communities through dialogue and experiential learning.

The Original Resilience Walk

In October 2017, Neighbour Lab collaborated with Design for Social Innovation towards Sustainability Lab (DESIS) to host a Resilience Walk around the liquefaction zone surrounding Emily Carr University. At each stop along the route, the hosts used storytelling to visualize Vancouver’s landscape post-earthquake and facilitated conversations about how participants would react and how the community could recover. The tour ended at a Disaster Support Hub where participants learned about the importance of community spaces and were encouraged to make earthquake plans with friends and family.

We hope to help facilitate many more block and building specific walks during which neighbours can meet and discuss key features of their residence or place of work.

Get in contact with us if you would be interested in a Resilience Walk with your neighbours or coworkers!