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We offer a free self-guided workshop for groups of neighbours looking to grow more connected and work together on a project.

As you complete the workshop with your neighbours, our process will encourage you to explore the unique considerations of emergency preparedness in your neighbourhood, and will create space for you and your neighbours to share your skills and resources in new ways.


In the case of an emergency or natural disaster, these community connections will have the greatest impact on a resilient recovery. 

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What is a Neighbour Hub?

Originally a concept designed to promote emergency preparedness by featuring resources - such as off-grid phone charging stations and emergency supplies - the Neighbour Hub structure continues to evolve. Each Neighbour Hub is unique to its local context. The Neighbour Hub is designed to bring neighbours together - from the design phase, to the installation and unveiling, and then onwards as neighbours are able to share a new resource and gathering place.

Self-Guided Workshop Process

Paper to Pavement

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Our modular components and thorough construction manual guides neighbours through the process of designing and building their own custom Neighbour Hub.


Design Your Own Neighbour Hub

Receive our self-guided Neighbour Hub workshop by entering your email below.  

Thanks for placemaking!

Connect with your neighbours and start the design process.

Our workshop includes step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process, from choosing a location to building your very own custom Neighbour Hub.

Once you've completed your workshop, an email with details of your custom Neighbour Hub design, such as the build and installation instructions, will be sent to you.


If you have any questions throughout your workshop, or need support to install your Hub, we are just an email away!

  • How can we get funding for this project?
    If you're located in BC the Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) program helps residents of any age, experience, or background take part in building community. For residents outside of BC, search online for grants available to communities like yours. If you can't find an appropriate grant online, consider fundraising! Think about the assets and resources available in your neighbourhood and choose something fun that will keep the costs low. Get together with your neighbours to brainstorm ideas; here are a few to get you started: Host a neighbourhood book or yard sale where residents sell useable but unwanted items. Make signs and post on surrounding major streets. Invite all neighbours to participate in different tasks like pricing, sales, set-up, etc. Organize a “service auction” where residents identify their skills and talents and volunteer to provide services like childcare, housecleaning or yard work, house painting, etc. Have people bid on items and the service goes to the highest bidder. Have someone lead an educational hike or nature walk. Advertise the event in the newspaper to draw in people from the community. Ask participants for donations or a commitment to help organize another event. Find out if a few neighbours would be interested in teaching about topics they know: knitting, organic gardening, organizing, cooking, dog grooming, web design, car maintenance. Charge a fee to attend. Create a neighbourhood cookbook made up of a collection of favourite recipes from everyone in the neighbourhood. Sell the cookbook back to everyone in the neighbourhood or at other neighbourhood events.
  • Where are these Neighbour Hubs usually located?
    A Neighbour Hub should be built within close proximity to you and your neighbours. Grassy boulevards make for a great location but ensure to check with your local municipality and adjacent neighbours before deciding on the exact location. If your street doesn't have a boulevard, connect with your local municipality to see if there are alternative options like a parking spot on the street!
  • What are some examples of additional features?

This Toolkit was made possible with the support of Building Resilient Neighbourhoods and the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network. For additional workshops to bring your neighbours together to get more connected, resilient and prepared for emergencies, contact Building Resilient Neighboourhoods about the Connect & Prepare program.

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