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We invite you to join our team!

Thanks for your interest in joining Neighbor Lab! Follow the steps below to embark on a rewarding journey of becoming a Neigbour Lab member. If you’ve yet to have an introductory meeting with one of our members, reach out and let’s schedule that first!

Step 1:

Understand the Commitment


Scroll through these sides to learn more about our structure, your accountability and involvement as well as how we share our company profit.


Step 2: Update your contact info

Generate your app password

  1. On your computer, go to your Google Account.

  2. At the left, click Security.

  3. Under “Signing in to Google,” click App passwords and sign in, if required.

  1. If you don’t find “App passwords,” click 2-Step Verification and follow the steps to turn on 2-step verification for your account. You may have to sign in again.

  2. Under “App passwords,” click Select app  Mail.

  3. Click Select device > Other.

  4. Enter the name of your domain and click Generate.

  5. From the app password box, copy the 16 character password generated. You’ll need this address when you add your new send-as (forwarded) account (in the next step).

Add an email alias

  1. On your computer, go to Gmail.

  2. At the top right, click Settings and then See All Settings.

  3. Select the Accounts and import or Accounts tab.

  4. In the "Send mail as" click Add another email address.

  5. In the window that opens, enter the name you want recipients to view.

  6. Enter the email address alias you’ve set up for email forwarding (

  7. Confirm that "Treat as an alias" is marked, and click Next step. 

  8. In the "SMTP Server" field, enter:

  9. From the "Port" menu, choose 587.

  10. In the "Username" field, enter your personal email address ( 

  11. In the "Password" field, enter the 16-character generated app password that you copied in Step 1. 

  12. Confirm that the Secured connection using TLS box is marked.

  13. Click Add account.

Confirm the address

  1. On your computer, go to Gmail.

  2. Open the confirmation message you received from Gmail.

  3. Click the link. 

Adjust the reply settings

  1. On your computer, go to Gmail.

  2. At the top right, click Settings and then All Settings.
    Select the Accounts and import or Accounts tab.

  3. In the "Send mail as" go to  "When replying to a message" and check "reply from the same address the message was sent to"

Send an email from your new alias

  1. Compose an email and click the "From" line.

  2. If you don't find the "From" line, click the space next to the recipient’s email.

  3. Select to send from your address.


Step 3: Agree to our membership process

Perspective members agree to donating 30 hours of their time to the lab and paying a $25 annual membership fee. These volunteer hours and membership dues symbolize each new member’s dedication to the team and commitment to the work.

Step 4: Set your intentions

These answers will be sent to our Board of Directors and emailed to you for future reflection!

Step 5: Create your email alias

Neighbour Lab will provide you with an email alias that forwards to your personal mailbox. We use your preferred first name To set it up, follow the instructions below.

Your intentions and email alias information have been sent to your inbox for safe keeping and future reference!

Step 6: Create your email signature

Add or change a signature

  1. In Gmail click settings and then See all settings.

  2. In the "Signature" section, paste the signature text only in the box and edit to include your info.

  3. Click the insert image icon in the signature styling box.

  4. Upload this logo underneath your new signature.

  5. Click the logo and choose "small".

  6. Under Signature defaults choose your Neighbour Lab address and under "for new emails use" choose your new signature.

  7. Check the box that says "Insert signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it"

  8. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

Step 7: Join our group chat

Click continue with email and input your new alias and your name as you'd like it to appear. We suggest you download the desktop and phone app to explore #channels and send your first message!

Step 10: Add our next hang-out to your calendar

Step 11: View our Current Meeting Schedule


Joining a Project?

Sign the new Project Contract

Step 12: Pay your annual membership fee

*valid for one year from payment date


Congratulations! You’ve completed the Neighbour Lab new member on-boarding. You’re well on your way to building thriving neighbourhoods with a group of rad creatives.

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